Ford’s Warranty is a joke. Your claim has been denied.

So here’s my story:

I have a 2007 V6 Ford Mustang that I purchased new in 2007. It currently has 36,200 miles on it. The drivetrain is under warranty for 5 years or 60,000 miles.

I’m driving home around 1am Friday morning when my car breaks down. I immediately know from the sound it’s either the transmission or differential that has gone. A great friend of mine, who I now owe a huge favor, drove an hour to come get me and take me home. I call Ford Roadside Assistance around 11am Friday to have it towed. Ford sends a tow truck and takes it to the closest Ford dealer. (Warning #1)

The car is dropped off at Northgate Lincoln Mercury in Tampa, FL. I notice they have NO Ford brand vehicles, just Lincoln and Mercury. (Warning #2) They say they’ll try to get to it as soon as possible and give me a call once they know something. In the mean time, I’m renting a car from the enterprise office they have on-site for $50 a day. This is just to be able to get to college and back. (Day number 6 and counting)

I get a call at 5PM Friday night, saying it’s the differential and a “engineer/specialist” will have to look at it on Monday, fair enough.

I get a call Monday morning, the “specialist” is out of town and will get to it tomorrow. (Warning #3)

I get a call Tuesday morning…the service manager (Chris Haggstrom) and the “Ford Field Service Engineer” have decided that my warranty claim has been DENIED. They state that “THIS VEHICLE HAS BEEN DRIVEN BEYOND ITS NORMAL DESIGN LIMITS.” (I would absolutely LOVE to know what Ford defines as “normal design limits”.) I had just woken up and couldn’t fully comprehend what was happening. I was speechless, the only response I could manage at the time was “Seriously?”. Chris said he would have one of his advisers call me with a quote for the repair. I asked Chris for the phone number for Ford’s Warranty Claims department, which I proceeded to call to find out how to appeal this decision. I was told: “the decision can’t be appealed but financial assistance can sometimes be provided”. I’m stunned that I’m totally helpless in this situation.

At this point, I get my father involved. He was the one who actually purchased the car, although the title is in my name. He contacts various people at Ford, as well as the service manager at the dealer, however, we’re still in square one.

The dealer wants $2,600 to repair the differential, which is absolutely ridiculous. I can order an entire rear end axle assembly with a differential online for ~$800. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $2600 lying around to pay for something that shouldn’t cost me anything.

At this point, my only real option is to pay for this out of pocket and then sue Ford for reimbursement. However, I’m not giving Northgate Lincoln Mercury a penny. I’ll be ordering a new rear assembly online and having it shipped to a local shop that can swap it out.

Update 11/23: Since my VIN number was banned from any drivetrain warranty repairs at any Ford dealer, I didn’t have a whole lot of options. I paid out of pocket to have the vehicle towed to my local (excellent) Ford dealer (Walker Ford) and also paid out of pocket for a new rear end from, it was delivered to Walker Ford who installed it had it ready to go the same day.

I’ll now be seeking $2,133 in reimbursement from Ford. This is the exact cost of my rental car, new rear end, towing, labor, and the $109 I had to pay Northgate Lincoln Mercury for looking at my car.

I guess my point is this: If your Ford vehicle is under warranty, it’s as good as being out of warranty. Ford and/or your dealer can claim your vehicle is (insert generic clause here) and deny your warranty claim. Ford doesn’t honor their warranty or stand by their products, and the dealers (especially Northgate Lincoln Mercury which has fought me tooth and nail) don’t have any motivation to actually fix a problem unless they get money in their pocket.

So if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing warranty service on your Ford and happen to live in the Tampa Bay Area, be sure to stay away from Northgate Lincoln Mercury. Even if you have to pay for a towtruck yourself, it’s a fraction of what it will cost you if they deny your claim.

The Consumerist has picked up my story!

Documents from Ford:

For those of you thinking this is a “one in a million” occurance, take a look at the Google results for “Ford Warranty Denied”.

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  1. I’ll never buy another Ford, the paint on my van started to peel after less than 2 years, it was denied because it “was not consistent with factory paint” no one could even explain to me exactly what that meant. I decided to pursue legal action until several attorneys told me it was not worth my time or money. They deny everything, the government should shut them down, they are crooks.


    1. Ford never backs their warranty. My Ford escape started having rear end suspension issue. Not only was I in first 36000 warranty I had paid for a 3 year extension and premium warranty. They honored nothing. Made me rent a vehicle, claimed my car was in accident even though not one scratch exists anywhere. Never buying another Ford and kicking myself for ever buying warranty upgrades they will never honor. They can’t even honor the initial warranty.

  2. you think Ford is bad, I had an 05 Chev. truck, and at 45k miles, the gauge cluster malfunctioned, and rear differential was making a “horrible” noise. GM replaced the gauge cluster at no charge, but the problem still existed, and they refused to replace it a 2nd time… They would not repair or replace the rear diff on the vehilce – because out of warranty (time wise) not mileage…. Have had more issues with GM than ever with Ford…

  3. I am sorry to hear you have had so much trouble with your mustang. I am a Ford Technician and let me assure you this is not normal. It sounds like the situation was hadled poorly by the dealer itself and not Ford as a whole. Another thing you need to consider is that there are a lot of people that will buy a car under warranty and then go to the drag strip every weekend and tear there cars up. Then they bring them back to the dealerships and want them fixed for free. These are the people that are ruining your waranty. Please do not be mad at Ford as a whole because the dealership should have put more effort in satisfying you.

  4. Agreed. My Ford completely stopped working one day, while still under warranty. I call the dealership that I was having it towed, to see if they are providing me a loaner car, and the guy asks me if I bought the car there. I said no, and he said they don’t provide a rental. WTF! So, I still have a car payment, and because your car is s!$t, now I have to pay a rental fee. Last Ford for me.

  5. I bought a 2009 Ford Ranger with 35,000 miles on it from Greenway Ford and when I went to have it detailed 2months after I bought all four doors were rusted on the very bottom and the bottom of the tailgate the paint had started to come off. 4 different body shops all agreed that it needed to be fixed before winter. green ways body shop even quoted 5,300.00 to ford for repairs. My 16 year old Dodge trade in had less rust when it was 15 years old. Ford denied the claim with one word (DENIED). I will never buy a Ford again period. Ford needs to learn you do not get a second chance for a first impression if you want to stay in business.

  6. Sounds a lot like my situation with my sister’s 2010 Dodge Charger. Car only has 54k miles on it, we bought it from Carmax with about 35k on it in March 2011. Engine (3.5 V6) siezed/failed.
    All we could dig up as far as maintenance records was from the last oil change that was done the day the car broke down. Since that’s all I could provide, I had to give them authorization and a $700 deposit to tear the engine apart so they could look inside the cylinders. They even had some “forensics” guy from Chrysler come out to look at it. I never got to talk to that guy directly.
    Day after Thanksgiving I get the call stating Chrysler denied the warranty for two reasons; 1) The paperwork on my last oil change shows 318 miles more than what’s on the odometer – ok…so someone at Jiffy Lube was lazy and rounded the mileage up…your point?; and 2) “The oil in the pan was darker than it should have been for having just been changed.” – Umm yeah! That’s what happens when SOMETHING GOES WRONG! For info, our mechanic checked the oil first since the car had just had its oil changed – he said everything was good on that end.

    So the repair cost is $6,000. The car is just sitting there while I figure this out.
    Any tips/assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  7. well why wasnt the claim paid you were prob beating the hell out of it thinking its a race car caues it says mustang its not going to last forever. Im with ford and i can only assume that when you took it in there were chunks of melted rubber uder the vehicle or it was driving beyond it mechanical limits, yup we can see that too. We can see that you exceeded the speed limitation and how you been driving. So bitch all you want but complain all you want you people always do just like the tool with the chevy. The dealer was trying help now the cluster wasnt the problem but they tried, he didnt spend any money.

  8. It’s funny that so many people here are complaining about cars that were purchased USED! A used car dealer can only use the information available to them to decide if a car is decent or not. The Ranger guy probably had his truck driven in the lake, pulled out and replaced the engine. Bad paint is rarely a manufacturer issue, but 99 percent owner related neglect. The Ranger was already owned for three years! I’ll bet the same is true for the van. Probably repainted and not disclosed to the dealer. As for the Carmax Charger, tearing apart an engine to inspect if there’s any internal damage before selling it is less than cost-effective. I think anyone would agree with that statement. The blogger here got shafted, but more by the dealer than anything. And btw, the dealer DOES get paid on warranty work, so it’s not like they’d be working for free if they honor the warranty.

  9. You’re absolutely right. My issue was that the manufacturer was not willing to cover an engine that was barely halfway up in mileage. Buying used is always a gamble. Luckily the issue was resolved after the guy helping us was fired and another guy took over. Not sure what he had to gain by not helping us…

  10. Dear all, I have to admit that Ford has huge issues not only in U.S. I am the “lucky” owner of Ford Focus 3 hatchback produced in Russia. The car is still under warranty. Up to now there were a lot of small warranty issues, which consumed my time to get them fixed by dealer, but still no money were involved. But one month ago I found paintcoat issues at the bottom edge of the liftgate (paintcoat just had gone)… After careful examination other defects at the rear bumper (exactly under the liftgate) and at both C-pillars were found. Obviously liftgate is assembled/positioned not correctly, thus contact while closing occurs. I drove to the closest dealer with my problem, but they refused to do anything, claiming this to be operational defect. And Ford Russia after my claim was absolutely helpless! They can (or want) do nothing to oblige dealer rise their asses and start to work! Now I’m going to start court processing against this dealer, trying to defend my consumer’s rights. This will be huge loss of time and, maybe, money, and not depending on the results, this is definitely my last Ford car!

    Greetings from snowy Russia,

  11. Oh my, I am nervous now after reading this. I have a 2011 ford edge limited addition with only 17,000 miles..a lighted wrench came on my computer screen and when I looked in manual it says, powertrains issue, take to dealership. I call dealership, they say if light does not stay on, then they can’t check it…mmmmm, I am afraid to drive the car now so I to.d them that and taking it in at 3 today….all wish me well, please!!

  12. My husband and I own a limo company and purchased a 2006 limo-bus that had 64,000 miles on it with a NEW engine installed at 61,000. That was in April – it now has 69,000 miles on it, I have put over $4800 into repairs and now it needs a second new engine and Ford will NOT warranty. Said the warranty was on the original engine that is no longer in the bus. Installed at Ford dealer etc. We don’t have $17,000 for new engine and it is our only limo bus so basically they are putting us out of business. Unbelievable.

  13. @”Mike, the guy with Ford.” Your mouthy attitude and assumptions about people with warranty issues doesn’t do anything to help FORD’s reputation. After reading your comments to several of these people posting about having Dealer and Manufacturers problems with their warranties makes me think that I made the right decision when I decided not to purchase the extended warranty/. The extended warranty would have cost me almost $6000 for the life of my loan. If I simply bank an extra $100 a month into my savings account that will give me something towards car repairs that I know will be there when I need it. If I would have purchased the extended I’m sure that someone with a FORD dealership would find some reason to deny my claim and then I would be out $6000.

  14. My 2013 Ford Mustang is stuck in 3rd gear. I took it to the dealer ship in Blytheville AR which is a joke. They told me the fork is broke and that it is caused by inproper shifting, but they had not even taken it apart or ran any test. They just asume it is my fault because they have had this happen before. They want me to pay to have test run on it. or they will not even work on it. I have never heard of having to have to pay upfront for them to firgure what is wrong with my car, when it is still under warranty. I called the ford customer support service. the lady was very rude and told me i had no choice but to pay upfront. I asked to speak to her supervisor. she is suppose to call me tomorrow. Any advice on what I need to do. Need help fast

  15. New Engine installed January 17th and January 23rd in shop for belt. (no warranty) March 3rd check engine light comes on again – belt broke again and now problems with a sensor – guess what. Not covered under warranty. Since we are a fleet customer I decided to reach out to Fleet Advisory Board Representatives. They are charged with maintaining good relationships and tracking customer satisfaction. Guess what – they never even acknowledged my correspondence. Now that is good customer service. Ford Sucks, their warranty sucks, their customer service sucks and their fleet advisory board sucks. Our limo company will never purchase a Ford again. We are going with Mercedes Sprinters. Bye bye Ford.

  16. 2011 f350 6.7 diesel #7 glow plug breaks off into the engine. Dealer states replace the engine. Ford knows about this issue and won’t fix their mistake. I don’t know to many people who can sink 18k for a new engine.

  17. Rodman Ford in Foxboro Ma took care of me with my warranty issues . I was very close to end of my warranty when I broke down. The computer crashed. I know from my personal experience it’s 100% your dealership that makes it happen. This is my 7th Ford vehicle and not my last.

  18. I bought a new 2014 ford mustang premium convertible last may from Heartland Ford in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Within a week there was a light rain and I decided to test the rear window defogger. Only three of eleven lines were operational. I took the car back to the dealer and they assured me that it would be fixed. right. Ford Canada has denied the claim because the “kit” that they supply the dealers to fix this known problem is not sufficient to fix mine. they say the only solution is to replace the convertible top at a price of $3500.00 and Ford will not cover this expense under warranty. I now wonder if I have any warranty at all. So, if after reading this and you are still thinking about buying a new Ford, check everything before accepting the car and get in writing on paper that all found problems will be fixed. Better yet, don’t buy a ford.

  19. I got a engine from Ford Racing, 288 miles. They will not fix it. They are trying to blame me for the failure. Facts do not support their statement.

  20. I bought a 2010 convertible Mustang 2 yrs ago and the convertible top mechanism is breaking away from the elastic strip that attaches it to the canvas top. I have an extended warrantee and only 46,000 miles. it is only occurring on one side of
    the top, so in my opinion it is not normal wear and tear. I don’t think my insurance will cover it as it was not in an accident and I don’t think the warrantee will cover it., as the warrantee states auto insurance covers convertible tops. Anyone know if the warrantee or the dealer might cover this or what my best option may be. I too have no large sums of money put away for this kind of thing.

  21. Yes, I agree Ford fucking sucks! I have a 2005 for Mustang also a V6, and for the past few months I keep on having to bring it back to the McLaughlin Ford dealership to repair the same issue which is usually the Throttle Body Sensor…. they claim they changed it but I brought it back because the check engine light and the home lodging mode light came on again I founds out they never changed it they only reset it… So finally they charge me a little more than $600.00 to put a new one in… That was towards the end of last month, now it’s Sept. 10th and I’m sitting here in this ratchet dealership again patiently waiting for them to tell me the same thing again about this damn throttle body sensor…! I’ve been here since 12 this afternoon and it’s now 2:04-pm. I fave to be back at work by 4:pm.
    I asked for a loner vehicle only to be told they only had one and it’s already out….I find it hard to belive and I think it’s a bunch of BS. How the hell do toy run a major Ford dealership and have only 1 loner car? Who does that?
    One thing us for sure I’m not paying any more money for the same freaking issue that was supposed to have been properly solved the last time… And by God if I have to miss any more of my customers at work and keep losing money because of the dealerships failure at providing loner vehicles… You might be reading about this tired asked dealership in the paper or on CNN!!! J/K
    But that is the level of frustration I’m feeling with this horrible company.
    I swear my next car will not ever be another Ford this was the last straw!
    I had a Ford Taurus prior to my Mustang and I only hit the Mustang because I assumed it was one of Ford’s top of the line signature vehicles. ( Obviously not!)
    But many lessons learned, Ford has us less cars, Horrible customer service and obviously untrained repairmen who can’t seem to figure out how to fix their own vehicles…!
    Very angry and unsatisfied Ford Customer.
    I wish to God I could rally to put them out if business!

  22. Agree. I bought a 2010 Mustang 3 years ago.This is the first and LAST Ford I will ever buy. The 2010 Mustang already needs a new top due to a frayed elastic strap that connects to one of the lever mechanisms. MY 96 CHEVY CAMARO TOP LASTED 16 YEARS! THE MUSTANG- 4 YEARS.The extended warrantee is truly a joke. They dont cover covertible tops.And there is clicking sound coming from the dashboard. i forgot what the dealer said it was. The dealer repaired it one month after I bought the car as it was covered under the original warrantee. Extended warrantee may cover it but at $100.00 deductible,. I asked dealer same thing- why should I have to pay anything when this was already repaired.His response “That was 3 years ago., Ford only covers its parts for one year.So I replied Oh, so this part is expected to only last a couple of years. Dealer says- well it could be something else . It’s a $26.00 part that is housed so far intothe dash/ glove box that the entire job costs around $700.I think he said it was the “actuator”.’I am thinking of filing a BBB but doubt it will help. Sucks big time.

  23. Blend door …. Makes a clicking noise or stops completely… Ford had this problem for years if you call ford and open a case they might help out… If you bought it new there is … They call “good will” money if your car is 6 years 80 ,000 miles they cover stuff … For this reason there are t.s.b.’s that are technical service bulletins that tell a mechanic that if a mustang comes in and makes a clicking noise or stops working that this is how to fix it…..

  24. I’m currently having the same issue and just posted something on my blog. I have posted stuff on all of my media websites including Facebook and Instagram. Bought a 2013 Mustang this past November. Our clutch STUCK to the floor board in 6 lanes of LA traffic, forcing my boyfriend to pull the clutch up with his foot to get us out of the way onto an exit ramp waiting for a tow truck. Now, Ford says this is a “wear and tear” item. Not only that, they continuously interrupted us and spoke over us on the phone. Customer service there is a joke just as much as their warranty considering now it doesn’t even exist. FORD IS DENYING OUR WARRANTY. Why would I purchase a CPO with a power trained warranty if it is not even honored? We could have been seriously injured considering our CLUTCH WAS STUCK. But now, there is nothing they can do? Henry Ford would be so proud of what his company has become.

  25. =I am currently going through the same thing, my eninge blew up i have a 2011 ford fiesta and the timeing belt broke and messed the engine up they are now rejecting the claim saying that i drove it pasted its heating limit and the engine overheated! they want me to pay 6,500.00 bucks to fix it! i will never go back to ford. The worst company ever!! I have hired a lawer to start paper work on sueing the company, and so should all of you

  26. I live in Canada, and I had the same problem with warranty as some of the postings I read. As for ”Mike, the guy with Ford” you are quite ignorant and you give the human race a bad name, so, shut the hell up and continue to be a ford man

  27. I own a 2001 Ranger which I bought used with 65000 miles at an auction. The only issues I have had is the diff went out at 80000 miles. Truck now has over 150000 miles no issues. Now the VW I bought new 2011 Jetta TDI has been nothing but trouble with the CEL coming on at 100 miles (yes). And about every 5000 miles thereafter until the engine blew at 98000. Extended warranty was useless….they paid half of the cost of a crate motor and the first 4 crate motors they put in were bad. Car was out of service more than it was in service.

  28. why won’t Ford provide me with a rental when the part that I am getting fixed is a Ford part under warranty? The PSM in my 2008 Ford Edge went out for the SECOND time in less than a year. Ford said not to worry that its under warranty but the problem is that part is in back order and sounds like I will be without a car for 2 months!!!

  29. I’m dealing with the same thing. This is our first Ford in 25 years and I can’t believe their dealers don’t have to honor the warranty. We have a 2014 Ford Flex after 11 months the engine had a serious problem none of our local dealers would work on it we had to have it towed an hour away to the dealer we purchased from, we had Ford involved at this point so I think they had to take it, but we did have to pay part of the towing cost because it was too far out of our area, like that was our choice. Now we have a broken hinge on the front middle console and our local dealer Told us it’s not covered without submitting it to the warranty company. Ford said to get a second opinion, suggesting we take it to the dealer we bought from. Had Hondas for 25 years and Subaru for 5 and never imagined this kind of thing went on. I’ll never buy a Ford again.

  30. My 2011 Ford Edge Transmission is about to be repaired (?) for the 3rd time. Completely rebuilt at 25,000 miles, completely rebuilt at 56,000 miles 3 wks ago. On my way home from the latest rebuild, the trans was slipping beyond description. The car lurched forward and then the engine shut down to idle, then accelerated, then shut down and made loud banging sounds. That was about 9 miles from the dealership. I called them and they said the new REBUILT trans (rebuilt by the local ford dealer) had to have time to adjust to my way of driving. It is now 3 wks since it was last rebuilt and it is worse. Sat in a parking lot, put it in Drive and accelerated and the car advanced at about 3mph but the rpm’s were about 2500. Total slippage. Every complete rebuild was covered 100% under Extended Platinum 60,000 mile warranty. The dealership treated me profesionally including a new Ford Taurus for a loaner (twice)- no charge. Now it is gone again. I tow this Edge 4 down behind my motorhome but this dealership in Avon Park, Fl assured me it had nothing to do with my towing the vehicle. When I told other Ford dealers what my problems were with the transmission, it was unanimous that a NEW trans was needed – not to have them rebuild the original. The metal shavings circulating from the destruction of the Torque Coverter twice caused me to lose an axle seal. Plus I really believe they can NEVER remove those fine metal shavings completely! I am going back to the dealer this week and see what they say this time. I am going to insist on a new trans – not rebuild this one again. Warranty runs out in about 4000 miles. Going to purchase extended-extended warranty. This car is possessed also. Close the drivers door and radio comes on. Love the Edge – not the transmissions! I really think they will forbid towing 4 down in the near future like the Escape. I cannot be the only owner that has had this problem.

  31. I’m having the same problem
    With Ford right now. bought extended warranty that was for 90,000km or 3 years, whichever came first. I am now just over my warranty, but when I orginally took it up 2 weeks ago, I was under by 120km, I have been givin the runaround so much, they are now telling me that it’s not covered because I’m over, I told him
    I wasn’t over when I orginally brought it up, don’t they have to honour the warrenty as long as it’s not over the km when u bring it up.

  32. My f350 is stilling waiting on motor. Been sitting at the dealership for almost 3 months. I have made 3 paymentswhile not having it. $1800 for a truck I can’t use that my business being self employed depends on. My busiest time of year. Trying to decide if they want to rebuild or put a new one in. Make up your mind. Are they going to reimburse me for all my down time and money lost?
    And ron your a douche. I’m not bashing Ford because I hate it. Customer service sucks!!! Plain and simple.

  33. 2014 F250. $60,000 truck. Starts an annoying harmonic vibration at 363 miles. Took to dealer immediately. Insisted motor mounts needed 10,000 miles to “break in”. That’s a lie. Notice less than a month later my truck is leaning 1 5/8″ to driver side. Dealer stated they can have up to 2″ of variation in any direction. That’s just stupid. Took it in anyway and they agreed it looked awful. Almost like a flat tire. Put a new left front spring in it. Made no difference. Ended up shimming the body with large washers. Wtf? Can’t explain why body is that far out of true. Vibration still persists. Dealer claims they ran extensive battery of tests. Truck is fine. Look under hood after getting it back and the dust isn’t even disturbed on engine covers. Guess they used the old computer to test it all. Vibrations don’t throw codes apparently. (Duh) Finally made it to 10,000 miles. Still vibrating. Now somewhat worse. Engineers got involved. Claimed they studied truck for 8 hours. Determined truck is vibrating, but within spec. What’s the spec? Nobody can say. Just that whatever it is… my truck is slightly below it. What a joke. Fan clutch quit working around 16,400 miles. Had it replaced. Vibration still present. Fan clutch seized up at 16,900 miles. Coincidence? Had replaced again. Still vibrating. Also, water in fuel sensor fell off. Hanging by wire. Mechanic stated happens a lot. I’ve never even been on a dirt road. Was advised maybe I hit a plastic sack. Really? Plastic sacks put these FX4 4×4’s down nowadays? That’s embarrassing. This truck is a vibrating, humming piece of garbage. Dealer stated they didn’t even want it on trade at one point. Wow…. But don’t worry. Nothing is wrong with it. Wish it would detonate before so called warranty is up, but I’m sure they will say it’s my fault there too. Corporate is rude and worthless. Lady simply sided with the sorry ass service manager from get go. He quit by the way. Now new guy can’t do anything or even look at it because engineering blackballed my vin from any dealer doing future repairs. How nice of them. Sitting in drive thru tonight in my giant vibrator just as pissed as ever. Been 22 months now. Ford is a joke. Never again!

  34. I bought a 2011 Ford Edge from Tallahassee Ford Lincoln Mercury on Magnolia Dr. 1 owner. No accidents. 31,000 miles. Purchased April 2014. I am currently at 50K I have had this truck for 1 year and 10 months. I’ve had to buy 2 new tires, because Ford claimed I ran something over on the side wall. All lies the tire began losing pressure when I drovr it off the lot but they claimed I went over 36,000 miles they couldn’t help me, $545, replaced the battery twice, $175 replaced the throttle body $100 and today my service engine light is on and my truck sputters in reverse. Every time I drop my truck off Ford offers no help with rental car. They just tell me if it’s covered you can pay $25 and rent the car for one day but if it’s not it’s at your own expense. And though it’s hours before closing (dropped off today at 4:30 they don’t close until 7 pm) they can never get to even the diagnostics the same day. Their excuse is the machine takes hours to run. And I bought this truck from this particular dealership. By the way could not get into contact with the sales guy Ken Eaton after 30 days.bive called and left messages I’ve never heard from him again and he’s never there. This is the 5th trip to the dealership in the year since I’ve had this truck. I have left complaints with no response. I’ve called about the warranty no help from Ford or any explanation as to why the 172 point so called inspection that was done is costing me so much now. I regret this purchase so much and have contacted another dealer to discuss finding a vehicle with less issues. I have been told I don’t have coverage but that is bull. A vehicle that is less than 2 years old and hadn’t reached 60,000 miles should not have these issues. I will be calling Ford over and over until they resolve my issues. This is ridiculous. I am also forwarding my complaints to the BBB and to the state. I’ve already spent over $800 on repairs.

  35. just wanted to know if you have to keep paying that ran out at 60000 miles and i have a year to pay on the car

  36. In August of 2013 I purchased a used 2010 Ford Fusion Sport AWD with the 3.5L V6 engine. It was a sport looking car and did pretty good in the snow. Along with the car the dealer convinced me to get the Premium Plus Extended Warranty as it covered all of the expensive electronics along with pretty much everything else. Seeing as the NAV system alone could be very expensive, it seemed like a good idea.

    Fast forward to September of 2015. I had to work on the morning of Sept 12, 2015. On the way home from work I glanced down at the gauges and noticed the temperature needle was pegged at H. No warning lights, nothing else to alert me. I immediately turned the heat on high in the car to help cool and looked for a quick, safe place to pull over. As I rounded a corner, the check engine light came on, the engine sputtered and shut off. Fortunately I was able to pull it off the road and out of traffic safely.

    A lot of steam was coming out from under the hood. I popped the hood to look and saw a lot of steam from the front, lower part of the engine. My initial assumption was most likely the lower radiator hose as the steam seemed to be under pressure. The engine was so stuffed in there I was not able to clearly see the hose. The extended warranty has a $100 deductible so I decided to have it flat towed to a local shop to have the hose replaced as I was headed out of town in less than two days and didn’t have the time to do it myself.

    On Monday, September 14th the local shop called, saw the car and read my note about the problem. Said they would order a hose as it was a FORD only part. I called the next morning and they said they were pressure testing the system as we speak and to call back that afternoon. I called again that afternoon and was told it was not the hose, but in fact the water pump and it was a huge job.

    Now having done most of my own mechanical work over the years, I was a bit perplexed that a water pump could be that hard to replace. I told them I had an extended warranty and to not go any further; that I would have it towed to the dealership. I called my insurance and it was towed to the FORD dealer.

    On Wednesday, September 16th I landed at my destination and found there was a voicemail from the dealer. I called and the dealer told me it was in fact the water pump, it was a huge job and the engine had to be pulled to replace it. He said it would be two weeks to repair. I asked about a rental car upon my return the following week and they said no problem.

    On Monday, September 21st I went to the dealer and they had Hertz pick me up and get me a rental car.

    On Thursday, September 24th I called the service department and asked if we were still on track for completion on Friday the 25th. I was told that no, in fact there was coolant in the oil. They had sent a picture to FORD and were waiting on them to approve a new engine. He told me it would be either Friday or Monday.

    I called again on Monday, September 28th and was told the engine was approved and should be shipped by Wednesday. He said the car was already apart and it would only take a day or so to put the new one in.

    Not hearing from the dealer, I again called on October 1st. I was told not only was the engine not in, but it was on back-order with no ETA from FORD. I was told it was escalated to FORD and someone from FORD should have called me. I told him no one has contacted me at all.

    I called again on Monday, October 5th and was told still no ETA and he would (finally) escalate to the dealer service manager.

    I called again on Thursday, October 8th and was now getting an attitude. He told me there was still no ETA and gave me the 1-800-392-FORD number to call.

    I spoke to Boris at FORD who found the case after I provided the VIN number. I was told that the engine was not scheduled to ship until October 26th. A full month-and-a-half after I dropped the car off. I was not happy and asked to speak to a Supervisor. He told me there wasn’t one. I said you have to work for someone and I want to speak to them. I was again given the run around, placed on hold forever and then told no one was available. Of course this was total BULLSHIT, but hey its FORD right? I asked to have one call me and gave my number.

    A supervisor did in fact call me back the next day, spewed the same crap that Boris told me and that was that. A complete waste of time.

    On Friday, October 9th I sent an email to Mark Fields and William Ford laying out the timeline and expressing my displeasure that it takes 2 months to fix a car on a warranty I paid extra for.

    I waited and nothing.

    On Wednesday, October 14th I received a call from a woman at FORD customer care who gave me her number, said she was assigned the case and then told me the same October 26th garbage. I hung up.

    The following week on October 21st, she again calls back, gives me the same line, but now she has a Parts guy on the phone. He proceeds to tell me the engines are rebuilt and they have to wait for good cores to come in. I was told there was almost 100 engines waiting. They come in, have to be torn down and tested to determine if they were usable. I said you still make the 3.5L V6, give me a new one. He said they don’t make that version any more. I said given what a shitty design it was, I wonder why. I told him they either need to get me an engine and pay me for the lost value of the car as I was in the process of selling it, or pay me the full market retail value as of 9/15 and I will walk away. They can crush the car for all I care. He said he couldn’t authorize that. I said I am sure someone can.

    I then asked him “Do you think it is reasonable to wait two months for a car to be repaired that I paid extra for an Extended Warranty for?” He said no, but there was nothing he could do (see the theme here).

    I hung up on them.

    I re-sent my letter to the Chairman and CEO at FORD along with several other high level players. Apparently this time it worked as I had a woman named Karen Jones from the Executive office call me. She once again started parroting the same Bullshit the others have told me with no information. I told her I either want my car fixed now and to be compensated for the lost value or to have the car bought at market value as of 9/15 and I will walk away. She said they can’t do that. I said your CEO makes millions and can do anything he wants, its his company. She started to argue and I told her to go away and not call back until she had positive news and hung up. She calls me right back and says I think we were disconnected. I said no, you can go away and not call me back until you have news and hung up again.

    By this time I have filed complaints with the NHTSA due to the failure to warn and sudden loss of power due to the engine shutting down without any warning. I also filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, NYS Attorney Generals Office, NYS Consumer Protection Agency, and the Better Business Bureau.

    I called both the service rep and Karen on 10/26, the day the engine was to ship. I left voicemail’s for both with no call back. On Tuesday, October 27th Karen calls me. She tells me she sent a message to the engine rebuilding and they said probably next week. I said probably could be December. She said I did not say that. I said probably is different than definitely and means nothing; it could be December. She said he told her I was number 9 out of 90 in line. She said she would reach out to the engine building on November 3rd for an update. I said you are with the executive office correct? She said yes. I said then what the hell are you doing for me?? She said they were doing everything to expedite it.

    She is nothing more than an executive mouthpiece trying to keep me quiet. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

    After I got off the phone I wrote to Senator Charles Schumer and explained the whole deal along with what I want, either the car fixed ASAP, or to be bought out. Their office is working on it.

    So here we are on November 2nd, 49 days and counting and still no car. FORD does not give a shit about its customers. In addition, due to their flawed design, 100’s of other customers are out also.

    Google “Ford 3.5L v6 water pump” and you will see the issue over and over and over. Go to their Facebook page and look at Posts to Page. Thousands of customers with broken cars, many new, who are waiting months and months for fixes or parts. Many who have had their warranty claims denied.

    FORD is a corrupt, dishonest company who thinks they can just steamroll everyone.

    I will continue on my quest to get my car back or get paid so I can move on and never, ever buy a POS FORD again.

  37. I have a 05 f350 super duty dually 4×4 with the 6.0 defect motor 3 years now and class action suit final and I still haven’t received anything Hell they won’t even take as a trade in. I bought new plus extended warranty and again another warranty as had so many problems with it I’m on a fixed income now divorced I can’t afford to fix it but Ford sued navastar who made the part and won millions. Out $ 60000. For truck and can’t even tell you how much. On car rentals for years

  38. 2015 f250 parked in driveway overnight, ground wire to transmission chewed off by squirrel completely disabled the truck! Had to be towed in to dealer, warranty coverage denied and charged $300 to repair a wire.
    When the transmission clunks when shifted, who thinks “ground wire!” I consider this a design deficiency for sure. A 10 cent sheath that critters can’t chew through will take care of this issue which the service manager acknowledged was “common.” One comment was “critters love this stuff, ” referring to the wire insulation.

  39. Bought a new 15’mustang ecoboost. Drove it for ~8000 miles. Had my first oil change at ~5000miles. On one fine evening, the engine makes a weird clattering noise. Take it to the nearest Ford Service Center. They tell me the oil filter is loose and the oil had been leaking out. I told them I had no indication of any oil leak on my dash, no check oil light, no message saying low oil. They told me they wont do any work on it and I had to tow it through Ford Roadside Assistance to the Service Center I had got the first oil change. Now they tell me Ford is denying my warranty claim, but I had NO INDICATION OF ANY OIL LEAK WHATSOEVER. Even today , there is no low oil indication with no engine oil. The service technician sends me pictures of the dash showing no low oil level light or message coming up, but he still cant explain why the warranty is being denied. Ford is a joke.
    Repair cost $6000. Never getting a Ford again !
    Any suggestions to fight the denial are welcome.

  40. I would contact Ford Motor Company and let them know the situation. The service dept. at the dealer may not even have turned in the claim to the warranty department. This happened to me. Ford gives them the right to decide if they think the issue will be covered or not. So if the dealer doesn’t want to do the work they just tell you it isn’t covered. Getting Ford involved you can probably find a dealer who will honor your warranty. I hope it works out for you.

  41. Got the fantastic 2013 focus transmission of death. The car is at 36000 miles and the service guy at the dealership says I’m just out of warranty.. I’m like what about the 5 year drivetrain or the extended 7 year transmission warranty for this forsaken piece of garbage because it is so terrible. The guy was like oh after acting like he was gonna try and charge me. There will never be another day in my or my family’s lives where we will consider buying a Ford product again. Should have gotten the hint after I had to remove my bumper on my Fusion to change a headlight bulb. Sometimes junk is just junk, you have to call it like you see it. Do the homework guys, the best way to get to these guys is to just stop buying their junk. Avoid the flash and just get a dependable car backed by a loyal company. Will be trading in the focus for the new Cruze hatchback as soon as these people fix the clutch…. you would think after having to change thousands they would be fast at it lol… what a joke. Labor time is 5.9 hrs…. been days.

  42. I feel you! Ill never buy another Ford again! I drove Mustangs all my life. Until I bought a brand new 2011 Mustang GT. They dont fix anything. And Have the time Ive been lied too. After 20k my water pump blew, Thanks God, they covered it. 18k miles later its going again.

  43. Bjorn Kus: in your comment you say that you are going to buy a Cruze hatchback. I’ve got news for you… Chevrolet (General Motors) is no better than Ford, and in many aspects, probably even worse! If you want a reliable car, you’re better off buying a Honda, or a Toyota, or another Japanese brand.

  44. I’m not a Ford guy myself, but I worked at a Ford dealership. Generally speaking, unless you obviously beat on your car Ford took care of you — that is how they stay in busines. So either you are full of shit or you are lying. If you modified your driveline (different axle ratio, suspension work that would change vehicle dynamics, used the vehile as a track car, etc) then YOU invalidated your warranty. Don’t play dumb or try to deny it; the guys at the dealership aren’t idiots and work on the vehicles regularly. Track cars don’t have warranties, and trust me they can tell. In order for your driveline warranty to be invalidated the dealership took pictures and sent them to Ford Engineering for review. No dealership has the power to blanket invalidate your warranty, meaning you fucked up. Own your mistake instead of trashing a company to try and get your way. If you want a car that won’t penalize you for racing it buy a Porsche or Ferrari, otherwise don’t be surprised when you get called out on your fraud and denied your ficticious claims.

  45. Fords warranty is a Joke!! Pay for premium product not backed by ford warranty. My engine lock up 10,000 miles short of the warranty being out and guess what ford denied my claim as well. Reason was claiming not serviced properly. Although I provided all service records for oils changes and air filters but preformed the last three myself. Apparently that’s a big no no if plan on making a warranty claim. Although I’m likely more qualified to than fords technicians.

  46. John Lysa is right on target with his comments. Ford won’t deny claims unless they are proven to be caused by modifications to the vehicle or obvious abuse which caused the failure. Man up and tell your daddy that you broke the little V6 Mustang he bought you because you think it’s is a racecar. Have to grow up some time.

  47. From: Lawrence and Laurie Hawkins

    Not only am I being ripped off by Ford Motor Company’s $4,000 Extended Warranty, but by one of their dealerships as well, DON DAVIS FORD.

    On July 15, 2015 I took my 2008 F450 Truck to Don Davis Auto Group.

    Vin# 1FDXW47RX8EE51245
    Customer # 534640
    Invoice# 471598

    I clearly explained to the service advisor Michael Boone that I had a “Water in Fuel” light on. The truck ran, but it ran bad. I had paid $4,000 for Ford’s factory extended warranty, so if the warranty wasn’t going to cover the repair then DO NOT tear down my engine because I could get the work done for much less money elsewhere.
    In a few days I received a call from the service advisor Michael Boone explaining that the $4,000 warranty that I purchased from Ford would not cover the repair because there was water in the fuel. He then went on to explain that they had torn down the vehicle and I now owed Don Davis Ford $1626.95.
    If the “Water In Fuel” light was already illuminated on the dash, other than to run up a bill, what would be the need to tear the engine apart to tell me what I already Knew and he also knew the same thing.
    He claimed that he misunderstood what I was requesting.
    If Ford Motor Company Warranty won’t pay for damage caused by water in fuel, they are not paying many engine claims because water is always mixing with diesel and getting into the engine.
    I paid the $1626.95 in order not to lose my truck on a mechanic’s lien. Plus I had to pay $325 additional for a tow truck to tow my truck back to me.
    I am requesting all of my money back, $1951.95.

  48. Who is the registered agent for Ford Motor Campany’s Warranty division? What is his name and notification address? Does anyone know?

  49. I have a 2014 F-150 with 5100 miles on it..spotless! recently when it rains or truck is washed..back tail lights fog up..I sent pitures to Ford of moisture buildup inside of lens as they requested(this problem started after truck was 2 yrs old)I was denied stating I have to have digital pitcures of water dripping inside of lens?? I can’t see that..Ford knows it. Next year this truck will be traded in for a GMC..have had other problems for a truck with 5100 miles on it..rear axle/passenger airbag/ so Ford just lost a lifetime customer because they would not honor warrenty..with the cost of trucks sky-rocketing I am supprised they chose to dump me? This has become a matter of principal..already ordered new tail-lights..leds they look much better and each unit is SEALED! Bye Bye Ford!

  50. I think the people that say Ford would not deny claims must work for them and are trying cover their ass. I have a 13 F150 and they are so cheaply made the covering on the steering wheel just plan ware off in 30K miles and 2 years. The dealership took pictures and said Ford would have to decide if they would cover it. A few months later I went back because I never heard anything from the dealership. All the advisor would tell me is it was the claim was denied. Wouldn’t even give me a reason. I sent an email to Ford Customer care and they didn’t even write me back. It’s kind of hard to say you drove a steering wheel to hard.

  51. I know! I should probable mention to Ford my steering wheel is peeling? I got another e-mail from regional rep and asked if I wanted to submit more photos of tail lights that show more than a “mist inside lens” I just want to scream! As I read on message said Ford has specialist that determine if lens fogging is defect or normal..i replied how can I get a job like that..informed him it was dealers responsibility for pitcures and will try to get more photos to him. His final question was “will I appeal decision” Heck just basically told me you are going to deny extra photos. This has became a case of integrity ,I can undo 2 bolts each side swap out with some LED lights I like..Last Ford truck I will ever matter outcome! If I were you I would demand your due process all the way to Arbitration!

  52. I purchased a 100k mle bumper to bumper extended warranty on my 2014 f150 when I purchased it new. I sold the truck with 32k MLS. Then contacted Ford for a return on the warranty. They docked me almost half the cost of the warranty because of the 32k MLS which was still under factory warranty. So don’t buy a extended warranty until your factory warranty is almost up. Otherwise you pay for a warranty that does no good until the factory one is up. Thanks Pat

  53. I have a 2012 ford focus which i paid $1900 dollars for the ESP. What a joke! basically they only give you oil changes and a few wiper blades. I recently brought my car in for service and the service adviser says my brakes are almost done and to budget for them on my next service. I said WTF i have a ESP and it clearly covers these parts. he says he can replace them until ford says its ok to do so. I said this is BS. the ESP expires in a month so they wont replace my brakes. I’m a sucker i guess they got my money and now its the big FUCk YOU MR Customer.
    They sell the ESP as a “piece of mind” sales pitch, that all your parts are covered then the service department tells you you ain’t gett’n shit from ford. NEVER AGAIN!

    Ford makes decent cars but their service SUCKS ASS!!!!!

  54. Ford denied my claim today. This is not my first time having a warranty issue with Ford and not my first Ford. Today I took my Transit Connect in for service and to have a loose side mirror tighten. Ford refused to fix the mirror and states even through there isn’t any damage to the mirror, that I must have did something to it. This is complete non-sense. I will never buy another Ford.

    Back in 2003, I purchased a new F250 diesel. The truck kept blowing fuses upon starting. The dealer said that until the truck complete dies, they can’t do anything. They handed my a bag of fuses and a copy of the fuse box and sent me home.

    Buyer beware.


  56. I purchased an F-150 on November 9/16 at Oak-Land in Oakville On Canada. These people are lying thieves. According to Ford Canada this perfectly acceptable.
    Found On Road Dead

  57. in 1998 I bought a ford. Not long after I was in a rear end collision. (someone rear ended me). It was towed to the nearest Ford Dealer IN Green Bay. The Vehicle never ran right after that. Something was wrong with the electrical system and they would not admit to it and the battery was always dead. I had it in there 4 times and they always said nothing is wrong. But if the car sat for 2 days, it would not start. I would never buy a FORD again. THIEVES…….

  58. On Oct 14, 2017 my 2016 Ford F350 stopped on me on I-95. The truck was taken to a Ford service center to be repaired. I was told by the service center manager that Ford engineers denied my claim for repair because of contaminated fuel cause the problem. The first thing the service center checked after receiving the truck was the fuel and they found no contamination. Ford is stating contamination was the cause. The truck as only 33,000 miles and is still under warranty. This is a diesel truck which has 2 fuel filters on it which cost over $90.00 just for one filter. In reality the fuel going into the truck tank is filtered 3 times because the tank at service station also have filters. The damage to the truck is not do to my negligent and is cover by Ford. Now I am told it will cost $8000.00 to repair the truck which is my life line because I live on a farm and has desperate need for a truck. Walter K. Vann email address

  59. 2016 Ford F-150. Passenger side mirror trim melting. I’m on my third mirror and Ford tells me that I need to be careful where I park because the sun must be refracting off of something and melting the mirror.
    I mean really…….what does that mean “ be careful where I park.”
    Should I be running outside to move my truck as the sun moves.
    I told them it melts because the heated mirrors are defective. Duh!
    Claim denied!!!!

  60. I have a 2017 focus with 2200 miles on it.
    I go out to start my car and it just cranks, no start.
    Short story longer…it gets towed to the stealership, they tell me i have a rodent problem…something chewed the wires.
    Interesting…I’ve lived here 8 years….this is my 3rd car…numerous bikes…neighbor parks close…lawn mower etc…and i’m suppose to believe a critter chewed my wires over night??
    I asked the service writer if it’s possible the wires were damaged while sitting on the lot prior to purchase…?
    He said there’s no way to prove it.
    So I said…
    Then how can you prove it was damaged over night by a critter??
    He just walked off and I was left to pay the bill because it wasn’t covered by warranty.

  61. did they give old wire harness to you..have it inspected by 3rd party. Then you could file complaint witn regional manager..doesn’t mean anything would change..good luck. I am getting ready to order Recon led tail lights..Factory tail lights are all fogged up again(cold weather) Ford doesn’t want to pay for anything now..they used to be really good but now I know dealership has to pay..not Ford unless certain protocol is sucks!

  62. I had a 2005 f250 super duty. Out plowing and it died. Had Imperial Ford Mendon MA. Come get it. Called me next day said it was fixed but I owe them $300. Said wires to fuel pump chafed on frame. Both them and ford denied claim. Warranty specifically stated wiring harness. Threatened 93a fraud law suite . Refund came in mail 2 days later

  63. Same 2005 F250 SD had front end problems, death wobble. 2005 first year of coils in front. After 3 times back to dealer the service writer told me they know there’s a design issue but don’t have a fix. I connected with a Magnuson Moss act atty. Ford paid $8000 , $5500 to me $2500 to atty.
    Sue the bastards if they don’t perform.

  64. Service writer tells me 2015 Fiesta 53K miles has no warranty. 36 mos. 36K warranty is out but 60 mo. 60K mi. powertrain and restraint system isn’t expired yet. My complaints are juddering and jerking trans., the major problem with 6 speed auto synchro trans. which is power train, no kidding, and airbag light comes on intermittently which is restraint system.
    The auto shift synchro trans. is a good idea but Ford has taken years to correct the problems. C.A. lawsuit, so far warranty on trans. is extended to 140K.

  65. I had the calliper completely seize on my 2011 Taurus there was less than 20000km on it. The car was still under it original warranty and the extended warranty I had purchased (that was a joke) and Ford wouldn’t cover the cost of the repairs. I bought a new 2014 Flex in 2014 and less than 2 months later and only 2000km all the wiring systems in the vehicle started to fail. I was told that it’s not covered under warranty even though the car was less than 2 months old and there was nothing they could do. I have had it in to be repaired several times over the last 4 years and every time it is a wiring issue. Ford is not worth the money or the headache.

  66. They tried that on me charging me 300 for an electrical repair. I sent dealer (imperial Ford)and Ford a 93A letter. Two days later my $300 check was in my mail.

  67. I had a 2003 Mustang GT with 100k ESP from the original owner. I had the local Ford dealer install a Ford 3.73 ring and pinion with new bearing/seal kit and had it for over a year. I had the dealer do it because they said if they install it that the warranty will stay intact (lie #1 – it’s 1 year/12,000 miles).

    On my way to work one day 5th gear explodes. I drive it in 4th to the dealer and they rebuild it under the ESP warranty. 2-3 weeks later the rear end goes. Pinion bearing messed up and all the fluid drained out and essentially the rear end is shot.

    I haul it over to the same local dealer and they call me 3 days later and tell me the engineer denied the claim because it had 3.73’s in it. How much was it to fix? It is over $1800. Not going to do that. I bought a Ford Performance rear end pre-installed with 3.73’s for $600. All I had to do was swap in axles and brakes. I wasn’t going to have Ford do it so I told them to put it back together enough to get it on a rollback and I’ll pick it up. The built the whole damn rear end back including setting the pinion *facepalm*. $435… It cost me $390 to get the gears put in the first time and $27 of it this time was the biggest rip off scam, “shop supplies.”

    Needless to say after replacing the rear end, two more weeks go by and guess what: 5th gear exploded AGAIN. SAME exactly place on the highway, SAME speed and SAME cruise control setting. $500 and I had a rebuilt transmission put in.

    Now that I’m older and wiser, I hope, I’ll get an attorney if it happens again.

  68. 2015 F250 died on road. Ford dealership in Marquette MI says paint chips in fuel. Not covering with extended warranty. Now they are saying water in fuel. BS. Have you tow truck from UP to Detroit area to get my diesel mechanic to look at it because Ford is lying.

  69. Denied warranty coverage today on 2012 F-150 with 39,500 miles. TSB out for clunk in driveshaft… I bought a seven year 60,000 extended warranty. Even the base extended warranties cover the complete driveline from engine back to rear diff. Dealer told me nope. All my research shows otherwise. This is the 2nd warranty claim they’ve denied in a year.

  70. 2014 F150, 52,000 miles. Extended premium warranty that doubles factory warranty, 6 yrs.

    Rear sliding window defroster out. No light on dash button.

    Dealer claims electrical issue , glass has to be replaced.

    Push button on dash, no light, no defrost.

    Warranty covers “ heated glass and electrical issues”.

    Warranty denied.

    What are the grounds for denial? Says it’s covered right in warranty “ fine print”.

    I pay extra when I bought vehicle new, they won’t honor what they promised.

    Lost another Ford customer. Good job Ford. Lying, unethical, deceitful.

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