Well, you can add me to the list of people waiting in line at 9am on April 3rd!
I went back and forth an awful lot, debating whether or not to buy an iPad. I finally decided to reserve a 16GB wifi model at my local Apple store. Here are my reasons why:

1. College Textbooks. (I’m a college student) This is subdivided into two additional reasons;

  • It saves weight. No more carrying around heavy books.
  • It saves money. eBooks are substantially cheaper then their paper alternative.

2. Full size web browsing anywhere there’s wifi. How many times have you needed to boot up your laptop or desktop just to check a website? Some sites just don’t scale well for the iPhone, no longer a problem with the iPad.
3. 10 hours of battery life. More then enough for a days worth of classes.
4. Dropbox. Files from ANY of your other computers, synced over the internet to your iPhone/iPad. (PDF files for example)
5. The app store. The iPads potential is limitless with the app store.

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